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Can your Business Benefit from 3D Printing?

Most businesses do not realize the value 3D printing can bring to their operations. Even if final parts are not being 3D printed, there is a wide array of benefits that can be derived along the process chain. From rapid prototyping to marketing, 3D printing has unlocked new value in several Fortune 500 companies and it's time small and medium enterprises also start to cash in on the action.

One of the most overlooked benefits of 3D printing is its potential to rapidly fabricate tooling (anything needed to make a final part/product). Manufacturing companies, food packaging industries, and even pharmaceutical companies can boost their productivity by adopting 3D printed tooling. The ability to design complex parts, coupled with the speed at which iterations can be made, make 3D printing a great investment for these kind of businesses

The ability to produce detailed models of physical objects has also been great for the marketing industry. Rather than bear the costs of transporting a 1 tonne piece of equipment to a trade show, more business are starting to realize how 3D printed models of their products can do all the talking at such events. Innovative advertising of consumer products like body lotions and chocolate bars using 3D printed models is also known to turn heads and drive consumer interest in a product.

Hardware companies can save money and time by adopting 3D printing technologies in their product development cycles. Being able to touch, feel, and use prototypes before investing in expensive mass production tooling can be a great stress reliever. Moreover, chances of spotting design flaws and rectifying them ahead of time is significantly increased.

To summarize, 3D printing can provide immense benefits to your business at several points along the value chain. From boosting manufacturing productivity to driving interest in consumer products, there's a lot that businesses can gain from taking a better look at this technology


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